Today, good and free Wi-Fi is a default facility that venue owners are expected to provide to their end customers, and Wi-Fi is often perceived as a cost center by the business owners.


Now with RansNet HotSpot Gateway (HSG), Wi-Fi is no longer a cost center, it is an investment. HSG provides many opportunities for venue owners to monetize free Wi-Fi throughout user Wi-Fi journey.


Having all monetization capabilities built-in as standard features, venues can easily enable the desired options with intuitive web interface, make unlimited promotional updates and run unlimited campaigns without any hidden costs.


Know your customers better

After user device connects to SSID, prompt survey form before user can proceed further.


Different survey forms can be applied to different portals. Survey questions are fully customisable through web CMS.

Promote and upsell your offers

Before user gets the sign-in page, an optional advertisement can pop-up and it’s configurable to force user to watch the ads for x seconds before the can close the ads and proceed to sign-in.

Administrators can upload image/video contents and schedule ads to push to target locations at preferred timings.

This capability enables venue owners to extend free Wi-Fi infrastructure as an advertising space for external agencies/advertisers, and profit from revenue sharing, turning Wi-Fi from cost center into revenue generating platform. 

Earn $$ from premium Wi-Fi

Can combine different sign-in options to offer free WI-Fi access and sell premium Wi-Fi for faster speed. Supported payment gateways include PayPal, iPay88, 2checkout, Wirecard.

Welcome customers

with more offers

Redirect users to external advertising website or survey pages upon sigin.

Gateway can schedule different redirect URL at different times for target user groups or portals.

Online & offline Campaign

Engage users through collected user contacts (via social-media login or self-registration).

Schedule email/SMS campaigns to target groups. Customize and create campaign contents, with built-in CMS templates.

Various hardware models are available to cater for different network requirements, according to Internet throughput and expected no. of concurrent devices.

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