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All Essential HotSpot Features Packed Into a Single Powerful Appliance 

Clouds Ads | Wi-Fi Advertising

Monetize Free Guest Wi-Fi –– Wi-Fi is no longer a cost. It's an investment. 

Who needs it?

Venue owners that provide FREE Guest Wi-Fi

What does it do?
• Stream advertisement –– image or video banners | via Wi-Fi captive portal at targetted location

• Schedule ads push at different time and date 

• Push in-session ads –– Browser

• Report ads Impression Statistics & Click-through rates

How to work it?

The ads push natively works with mbox HSG captive portal as a pop-up prior to login page. However it is also possible to use this platform to push advertisement to external/3rd-party captive portal or literally any web pages, so that customers or partners can use our platform for advertising without dependency on mbox infrastructure. 

Wi-Fi Login Page Ads

Location-based Ads

In-session Ads Injection

User Engagement

Location/Profile based redirect URL 


How can venue owners benefit from this? 

Increase Sales

• Boost slow dayparts

• Increase time & money spent on premise


• Premium Wi-Fi with higher bandwidth
• Targeted marketing

Push Ads | Ads Agency

• Push your own promotions

• Sell Wi-Fi Ads Space to 3rd parties

Promotion Updates

• Announcement | Notification

• Promote a new product or campaign

Building Loyalty

• Meet customers' expectations

• Create awareness ("Likes / Location Tag")

• Increase Guest Satisfaction


• Know your customers better

• Increase your own branding
• User email & sms engagement

mbox captures user profiles and contacts for data analytics, redirects to target landing portals, generates group campaigns, and streams live ads, mPowering venue owners to monetize from free Wi-Fi networks.

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