Learn About Captive Portal (Landing Page)

November 3, 2017

What is Captive Portal? 
A captive portal is a web page which is displayed to newly connected users before they are granted broader access to network resources.

For example:
When a potential user first logs on to an SSID (Network Name) with a captive portal, a Web page (landing page) is encountered which requires certain actions (key-in personal details such as Phone No/E-mail) before Internet access is granted.



Where to get such feature?
It can be achieved using our mbox HSG Series, with more other niche features.

HSG captive portal is a built-in web server that prompts user with a customisable web login page. It also interacts with Access Controller and AAA/RADIUS server to enable user credential inputs and integrates with RansNet cloud advertising server to stream landing page ads etc.

Typical ways of using Captive Portal:
Through giving out FREE Wi-Fi in public venues.

Benefit of using HSG Captive Portal:
It collects genuine users info especially phone number and E-mail including gender, country, for marketing analytics and following marketing activities such as promotion/announcement/advertisement etc.

Who needs Captive Portal feature for the Wi-Fi infrastructure?

F&B, Airport, Office, Shopping Mall, dormitory, and etc.



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