About mbox HotSpot Gateway Guest Management Console (GMC)

June 20, 2016

Guest Management Console (GMC) is a user-friendly web GUI portal for non-administrator to quickly create accounts (or access vouchers), which are required for authenticating to mbox HSG/HSA captive portal before guests are granted with Internet access. GMC is only available when using mbox HSG or cloud vUAM.


GMC is widely used for below scenarios:

  • Hotel/hostels front-officers to create accounts/vouchers upon their check-in.

  • Shopping centres Information counter to issue WiFi access voucher for visitors. 

  • Office receptionist to issue temp Internet accounts for the visitor or temp staff. 

  • F&B outlets to offer controlled WiFi access to genuine customers only.

The role-based access control capability allows the super administrator to grant access rights to the relevant supporting parties only.


Accounts/vouchers can be printed by a voucher printer (a thermal printer, similar to a POS printer), and easily issued to guests/visitors (like a small receipt). For chargeable services, hotels/hostels can tag to room bills or collect payment upon issuance of printed vouchers.


Illustration of the workflow:

Connecting to Guest Management Console (GMC)


It can be accessed directly from any device (PC or mobile device) using a standard browser, or access from mfusion portal.


  • Direct connect. As long as operator device is connected to the same WiFi network, GMC can be accessed via URL. <mbox-LAN-IP> is typically device default gateway address.

  • From mfusion portal. This is similar to accessing to RADIUS portal, but login with operator account.











Login to Guest Management Console (GMC)


Before using GMC, an operator account must be created (follow section #1 of this link); then with given operator credentials, the operator can log in to GMC to create guest accounts.



Configure access profiles


Once logged in, under "GMC setup" --> "Access config", the operator can define what "Access Profile" to enforce the guest. Access profile defines guest access rights after they are authenticated to the mbox HSG/HSA.


GMC will automatically map to the profiles defined in RADIUS, and make the profiles available for selection to enforce user/guest access.


The checkbox determines if any of the profile should be visible on the main GMC menu and stay active to enforce guest access control.














Configure user information


To capture user information to map to each guest account. The available fields are Name, Email, Mobile, NRIC/Passport, Room No. 


It is configurable to activate and display only the desirable fields, depending on the business requirements. For example, in public WiFi environment, we may just want to capture Name and Email, some places may require NRIC/Passport by law, and for hotel guest, we will want room no. and etc.


Generate accounts


Once all required informations are entered, we are ready to generate an account for this guest. By default, a random username and password will be generated. However, it is configurable (by admin) to dedicate certain user info to be the username, eg. We can use email or mobile no. or room no. as the username together with a random password. In a public WiFi environment, typically we will use email or mobile no. as the username; for hotel guests, we tend to use room no. as the username. (refer to next section on how to enable this option).


  • Create & Print: This is only available if a customer has purchased a voucher printer (a thermal printer). Once the account/voucher is generated, the printer will print out voucher details (name, username & password). This will be issued to guest for their Internet access login.

  • Create & Display: When there is no voucher printer, we will select this option, and the generated account will be displayed on the portal page so the operator can record down on a sticker or hotel card holder to issue to the guest.












NOTE: All the created accounts are tagged to their respective operator accounts. Administrator can list and export out all guest account details from RADIUS portal (refer to this link for RADIUS access, then Management --> Users --> List Users, click on "CSV export")


Feel free to contact us for more information.


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