Technical Training: mbox HotSpot Access (HSA-LTE) Multi-WAN link failover and balancing

June 14, 2016

Many have asked about our HSA-100-LTE. Hence, we will be providing more information in this post.


This video demonstrates how to configure mbox HotSpot Access (HSA-100LTE) Multi-WAN features, using both primary WAN and LTE connections for load balancing and failover purposes. 

This will be ideal for your business especially for F&B outlets, retails and even moving vehicles. It can connect to the broadband cable as the primary connection and use 3G/4G as a back-up link. 
In failover policy, the primary link is having lower balancing metric (therefore active), and when the primary is down, the backup link (LTE link) will take over. In balancing policy, both links are set to have the same balancing metric, and they will be actively passing traffic and we can set "weights" to each link based on the link capacity so that traffic can be balanced proportionally based on the respective link capacity. 


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