Monetise your public WiFi with RansNet

June 13, 2016


We need the internet everywhere we go. This is already a part of our daily lives.
Businesses will have to source additional revenue to boost its sales and productivity.  Hence, RansNet will be able to help you with this.


All mbox models (CMG, HSG, HSA) have a built-in advertising feature. All you need is to connect it into the network. Start broadcasting your public SSID to engage with your customers in the premises.


How does it work? 
mbox connects to an external ads server (where ads are originated) and pushes the ads to a user device via HTTP injection (overlay on top of existing browser). Advertisements will then be pushed to users connected to your network automatically on a regular basis.



Utilising mbox web proxy capability added with ads injection scripts:

  • Ads will only appear if users visit HTTP-based websites using standard browsers, either through PC or mobile devices.

  • The streamed ads appear as a full-screen flash which overlays on top of existing user browser (full screen). The user has the option to close the flash or just wait for a few seconds for it to disappear automatically.

  • mbox uses its proxy-server to perform HTTP injection to overlay the ads on top of users existing HTTP sessions. existing user sessions are not terminated/impacted. 

  • The frequency of ads streaming is controller by ads server, eg. every 15 mins per push, or 30 mins per push, etc

  • Each mbox will be pre-installed with a connector/injector which works with external ads server hosted by RansNet or RansNet partners.



1. You will receive monthly payouts based on monthly ads viewership report. 

2. More customers will be retained.

3. Your business branding impact will definitely be maximised.


And of course, there are many other things that a mbox can do. Just find out more about us.

Join our mbox advertising network. Start today.








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