HotSpot Gateway Series

June 8, 2016


RansNet's HotSpot Gateway (HSG) provides guest Internet access with granular user access control and security enforcement. It allows enterprises or venue owners (hotels, malls, clubs, F&B, etc) to offer flexible and differentiated Internet access for guests, VIP members and visitors. 

mbox HSG series is largely used for large organisations, as a gateway for central access control and user management. It supports any brands or models of wireless infrastructure for connecting to user devices. As long as the user traffic passes through the mbox, it can enforce required access control. 


The built-in RADIUS server capability in mbox HSG series will detect and analyse who are the top users are or even peak periods that has the most users are using on your premises so that to be able to execute the promotion more effectively. This is definitely a feature that you need for your business especially for F&B outlets, shopping malls or hotels. Furthermore, mbox HSG has high control on different user segments which are differentiated by bandwidth speeds or data usage quota. Eg. premium members vs free users.


On the other hand, it is desirable to run HSG in bypass mode, to give seamless user experience without the customer having to log in at landing page level. This is for HSG to act as a router, firewall and enforce per device/session access controls only. For example, if users already login using WPA-EAP at wireless AP level, there's no need for them to log in again through a login page, eg. Wireless@SGx in Singapore. 


Designed to be cloud-managed, this means that multiple sites can be managed and configured all from a single mfusion console, providing great convenience and improving the efficiency of your business. Therefore, you are ready to use the HSG with some configurations and your business is equipped to provide secure and free public WiFi to your customers immediately.


Your business will be able to achieve greater value out of a free service to your customers, without the unnecessary complexities. 


We will show you briefly in this video, the access to mbox RADIUS dashboard for user access reporting and explains a crime investigation scenario.


Next, this demonstrates user experience with HSG when they are connecting to free Wi-Fi which requires users to input their emails, while they are accepting to the terms and conditions.


And lastly, this video shows user experience to purchase WiFi access voucher (or access plans) using a credit card. HSG supports integration with various payment gateway providers such as and Wirecard etc.


It is not complex at all. Just leave it to us. We believe you will find the suitable HSG model for your business.


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