Get started with CMG series

June 6, 2016

Let's start with RansNet's mbox CMG (Cloud-Managed Gateway) series today.


A quick introduction for CMG: 

  • High-performance appliance & dynamic routing

  • Ease of configuration

  • Multi-WAN / load balancing

  • Firewall

  • QoS

  • mfusion


Configuration is made simple which is created by RansNet's development team. Training videos are provided for you below. No secrets about it. Each video covers different topic about the mbox CMG. It will be ideal for your business requirement if you have multiple internet connections, and want to fully utilise the total available bandwidth with failover, or even control which traffic goes through which WAN link.


CMG Technical features video: Briefly explains and highlights the key features of CMG. 


CMG Technical lab 1 video: About management and command line interface (CLI).


CMG Technical lab 2 video: Basic network with WAN failover (active/standby).


CMG Technical lab 3 video: Bandwidth control (QoS).


CMG Technical lab 4 video: Multi-WAN link balancing.


CMG Technical lab 5 video: Dynamic routing (OSPF & BGP).


Configuring MWAN is easy. Just follow these steps with our mbox CMG. (Default feature only for both CMG and HSA, without special licensing requirement)



  1. Before starting any MWAN configuration, test each link by pinging its default gateway.

  2. Plan mwan-group and assign each WAN interface to the target mwan-group. You can potentially put each interface into different mwan-group for different balance/active-standby purposes (mwan-rules).

  3. Configure default route for each link.

  4. Configure firewall access rules to permit outbound access to through each WAN link.

  5. Configure firewall-snat rules to hide/PAT all source address to the WAN interface public IP.

  6. Define mwan-rule to specify which interesting traffic to use which target mwan-group.

  7. Start MWAN (mwan start).

mbox CMG is not just a router. It's a high-performance appliance with a minimum support that gives customers a peace of mind.


Still need more information? Just drop us an email. We would be glad to assist you and your business. 

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