mbox HotSpot Captive Portal

May 19, 2016



Adding greater value to customer public wifi access is always part of our job. 


Other than telling you how the mbox works, we will provide you more information on what the mbox can do. We are proud to present one of our greatest features, the mbox HotSpot Captive Portals.


Of course, the Internet of Things is right upon us. People are making use of the internet and expecting to have WiFi access on the move. Hence, all the business are keeping up the demand to provide free wifi for better customer experience. There are hundred of reasons why improving/providing free public wifi can boost business. Therefore, we don't have to elaborate on it. 


What we are trying to discuss here is that RansNet mbox can provide connectivity with visibility. It can maximise company's branding impact through customised landing page, control user experience and better understand user behaviour and system health. We can also inject video ads for wifi monetization as well without breaking the users connection.

Our captive portals are highly customisable with various login options via:

  • Controlled WiFi networks > HMS/PMS integration

  • Social media

  • Payment

  • Token

  • SMS/Email OTP

  • API account

  • POS receipt


Experience it with our mbox HSG today. Contact us.




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