Feature Focus - Dynamic QOS

We will be starting a new series of monthly blog posts entitled "Feature Focus" to highlight specific features business owners/IT teams can utilise to improve operational efficiency, user experiences or cost efficiency. In this edition of Feature Focus, we will be sharing about the Dynamic QoS ability of the HSG series of mbox.


The user experience of public access WiFi hotspots should be paramount for all business owners. Inability to grab IP address and slow Internet connections not only brings inconvenience to end users, it also badly affects the brand image of the business.


To tackle the issue of slow Internet connection conventionally is to impose Quality of Service (QoS) on each user in the network, effectively setting a maximum Internet speed each user can achieve at any time. This method ensures no user will be able to abuse the network by utilising all the bandwidth, affect other users' experience. However, this has drawbacks especially when the number of connected users is low. See example below.

Internet link bandwidth: 100Mbps

Connected users: 2

QoS: 2Mbps

Maximum link usage: 2Mbps x 2 = 4Mbps

Wouldn't it be better if the QoS is smart enough to allocate each user with 50Mbps for a better user experience?


This is precisely what Dynamic QoS is designed to achieve. For us, we decided to go a few steps further by only considering 'active connected users' and including an additional parameter for minimum QoS.


By only considering 'active connected users' means that only a subset of 'connected users' are used to calculate the dynamic QoS as there will always be some users that are connected but not using the network at all (aka inactive connected users). This is an important consideration to maximise the user bandwidth allocation in the network by preventing 'false positives'.


Whereas the additional parameter for minimum QoS will ensure that users will be able to enjoy a satisfactory experience even in the most congested hotspots.


With just a few lines of commands all mbox HSG models will be able to apply this feature to its hotspot networks. For more precise description of the commands needed, do visit our support page here.

All in all, we can't emphasise more on the importance of maintaining a good user experience for the free/paid public access WiFi at your business premises. It goes a long way to promote customer loyalty and positive brand association that eventually translate to more business opportunities.


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