Improve your business by providing free public WiFi

As a consumer, having access to free high-speed public WiFi service from retail or F&B outlets is becoming an incentive to patronise from in recent years. Research has shown that providing free WiFi does indeed have a competitive advantage. Considering that the WiFi service is ideally free, this means additional costs to the businesses. Nevertheless, that does not mean that pulling in an Internet line with a wireless router in place will do the trick since an unsecured line is a security risk to consumers and in turn, tarnish the reputation of the business providing it. Administering users on this free WiFi network is complex but crucial to businesses as well. It sounds like a complicated business decision, or is it?


Continuing from the two-part series blog post about mbox, we will discuss on how our mbox HotSpot Gateway series of mbox tackles those challenges head on, making it a breeze for businesses to provide a secure and free public WiFi service for customers easily with a couple more tricks up our sleeves.


HotSpot Gateways (HSG Series)

Web Captive Portals

What’s the point of providing free WiFi service to customers if they didn’t know your business provided it? This is where Web Captive Portals comes into play by having consumers to log into a portal that has your company branding, logos, colours or even promotions as well. With mbox HSG series, customizations through our Web Captive Portal templates make it easy for your login page fresh and updated, all the time.


Differentiated Experience

Reward your loyal premium members with higher bandwidth limit or unlimited data usage per login to provide a differentiated experience (aka QoS) as compared to other free users. With a built-in RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) server in mbox HSG series, you will be able to provide a different experience to different user segments, such as different bandwidth speeds, data usage quota per login and more. Such granular controls give a greater value-add when providing free WiFi for your customers.


User Analytics

Understand your users better. The built-in RADIUS server capability in mbox HSG series will let you know who your top users are or even which seasonal periods will have most users are in your premise so you could execute a strategic promotion! The intelligence that can be derived from the data is boundless. This is a killer feature for F&B outlets, shopping malls or hotels.


Ease of Management

All of the above would not matter if it is too complex to implement. Like other mbox, HSG series are designed to be cloud-managed, this means that multiple sites can be managed and configured all from a single mfusion console, anytime, anywhere, providing great convenience and improving the efficiency of businesses. With the right network infrastructure at this moment, you could just plug in a mbox HSG into your network with some minor configurations and your business is ready to provide secure and free public WiFi to your customers immediately.


With the above features of mbox HSG series, your business will be able to achieve greater value out of a free service to your customers, without the unnecessary complexities. And this ends the two-part series to understand more about our line of mbox. If you have any enquiry, feel free to contact us right away.


Meanwhile, enjoy a short introduction video of our mbox HSG series!


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