What exactly is the mbox? What can it do?

What exactly is a mbox? What can it do?

These are questions that we often get from our visitors. To put things into perspective, if you are reading this blog post through the Internet connection in an office, hotel, school, construction site or even SOHO, there will certainly be a place for mbox to be in the network. mbox makes your network simpler, safer, more resilient and most importantly easier to manage.


mbox is an enterprise grade network appliance, with many advanced connectivity features built-in. It works as an enterprise-grade router, stateful firewall, outbound link balancer with trunking, web captive portal ability. Naturally, we integrated it with our mfusion monitoring platform by default, so every mbox is automatically monitored for its health and performance statuses. Basically, it comes in two flavours, Cloud Managed Gateways (CMG) or Hotspot Gateways (HSG). As a two-part series, we will only cover CMG in this post.


Cloud Managed Gateways (CMG series)

We met many clients that have expressed their difficulty in managing their networks as their business grows. Having more branches and site offices not only creates a logistical and administrative nightmare for IT teams, it may potentially result in weak links in terms of network security. So, the solution will be something that can be deployed quickly and easily, hence scalable, yet balancing security with the ease of management.


We scoured the industry for an answer but there were very little products that fit the bill at then, so we embarked on a journey to create one with our team that has the expertise in the field of networking, monitoring and Cloud technology.  After which, mbox was productized.


Ease of management

The moment a WAN link is plugged in, every mbox is designed to "call home" to the mfusion platform and stays connected throughout. This working principle of mbox makes Cloud Management a reality, making it possible to easily deploy, monitor and manage multiple sites from a single console, tremendously improving the efficiency and reducing the support costs of IT support teams, MSPs and ISPs. Establishing secure VPN tunnels between multiple locations with mbox also became a breeze. 



On the security front, we built the mbox on a hardened Linux kernel with a ‘call-home’ feature where the mbox will seek to connect to our mfusion platform automatically when there is an available Internet connection. That means that only a pre-approved mbox will be able to connect to our mfusion platform. Furthermore, connections are encrypted end-to-end and hosted in a Data Centre above Tier 3 standards with redundant power, network and tight security standards.


As you may already notice, mbox can vastly simplify the complexities of a conventional multi-site network setup. Management, configurations and monitoring can be accessed from a secure single sign-on to mfusion cloud platform.


In the next post, we will cover more about our Hotspot Gateway series mbox and how it can benefit retail and F&B business tremendously. Stay tuned!


If you want find out more right now, drop us a mail and we would be glad to share how mbox can help your business.


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