Is IT Infrastructure Monitoring Necessary?

As businesses grow, so does the need for more computing resources, infrastructure and network capability. With the growth of IT infrastructure, the point of failures often gets so well hidden below layers of complexities that it becomes easily overlooked even by the most experienced IT personnel, hence, it is effectively a disaster waiting to strike. Research has estimated that downtimes can cost businesses as much as USD$7,900 per minute.


Monitoring has become a critical aspect of all Business Continuity Planning programs. There are two main principles that form the basis of RansNet’s mfusion™ Infrastructure Monitoring.


Preemptive Monitoring

How many times after an outage does a business realise that there had been subtle signs, just that they were overlooked time and again? Proactive monitoring allows potential problems like, congested bandwidth, CPU, memory or storage running near full capacities, to be flagged out early enough so that resources can be ramped up before failure strikes. Alerts may be ignored when personnel are not in the monitoring portal, hence, Notifications system is necessary to ensure that alert information reaches the relevant parties to respond.


Downtime Reduction

Despite all measures to prevent IT disasters, the fact is that catastrophes may still take place. At this moment, businesses will need to ensure that costly downtimes are kept to a minimum by being able to locate the root of the problem as soon as possible. With a comprehensive monitoring system, the monitoring system will need to provide critical information such that investigative efforts will be able to quickly ascertain the root causes.


Building upon the above principles, mfusion technology is designed to be light, robust and highly scalable to tens of thousand nodes, catered to monitor the IT Infrastructures from the SMB to the largest Enterprises.



Photo from LittleVisuals / CC BY


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