The HSG builtin AAA server comes with fully featured RADIUS authorization capabilities, and enforces user access control by speed, time, data volume etc. Business owners can easy define multi-tier privileges to offer differentiated user experience, or sell premium Wi-Fi with different billing plans, or whitelist special network devices or destinations etc.


In addition, RansNet patented adaptive bandwidth control feature allows venue owners to fully maximize their back-haul investment to provide best possible user experience.


Allow multi-tier privileges

Supports multi-tier privileges and access plans, based speed & time.


Can set authorization per account or per profile (per user group)

Bandwidth control

Limits speed (QoS) per network, per VLAN, per user, per application, per IP/host

Adaptive Bandwidth Control

Can adaptively re-allocate per user speed, varying to link usage, to maximise user experience and efficiently use available link capacity.

Session Management

Manages access time per account, eg. idle timeout, session timeout, total access time, access time per day, per week, per month

Time Quota Management

Sets absolute expiry date/time per account, eg. valid till dd/mm/yy

Adaptive Time Management

Sets adaptive expiry date/time per account, eg. expiry in xx day/hours upon first use

Data Quota Management

Manages data usage (quota management), eg. total volume (upload/download), volume per day, per week, per month

Limit concurrent usage

Limits simultaneous logins per account

Disconnect Abuse User

Kick-out/disconnect/disable users through intuitive web console

Prevent account sharing

Can lock each account to one or multiple sets of authorized MAC.

Auto detects and sets MAC upon first login, important for selling premium Wi-Fi

Delay reconnection

Delays reconnection (session wait) for fair free access sharing. Eg, free users are given 30 minutes free access per session, and must wait for 30 minutes before reconnect for next free session.

Multiple bypass options

Supports multiple whitelisting options., eg. by destination IP/network, URLs, domains; by source IP/network; by source MAC.

Various hardware models are available to cater for different network requirements, according to Internet throughput and expected no. of concurrent devices.

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