Regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and many others, are requiring organizations to implement comprehensive security measures, which often include collecting and analyzing logs from many different sources.

RansNet HSG tracks all user connection sessions, login attempts and access logs, with detail timestamps and packet header information (source, destination, protocols, port no, etc). The logs are stored in local storage for immediate analysis and investigation, and can be archived out to external FTP servers for long-term retention.

These features provide venue owners full visibility on the traffic usage and comply to security regulations and audits.


Record login sessions

Captures per hotspot session details, minimum including: Username, Device MAC, IP Address, Start Time, Stop Time,  Total Time, Total Uploads (MB), Total Downloads (MB), Gateway IP (NAS IP), Allocated Speed, Device Type

Log access details

Captures user access logs, through firewall logs, web proxy logs or netflow, minimum including: timestamps, source IP, destination IP, destination domain (DNS query), protocol, source/destination ports

Analyze & report

Analyzes logs against pre-fined rules and alarm for anomalies.

Schedule reports on daily, weekly or monthly basis, or any selected time/date range. Analytics reports include:  Total logins, Unique users, Repeat users, Average dwell time, device types, demographics, locations, Top users by time usage, bandwidth usage, data volume usage, or login methods

Real-time live logs

Displays live access logs through web GUI at lightning speed.


Many filtering options for admin to troubleshoot any incidents.

Search historical logs

Historical logs are stored in local storage, with intuitive GUI to search and discovery historical activities. Important for security forensic investigations.

Archive for log retention

Able to auto archive logs to local storage and external FTP server for long-term log retention and audit compliance requirements.

Various hardware models are available to cater for different network requirements, according to Internet throughput and expected no. of concurrent devices.

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