• Integrates seamlessly with existing APs

  • Manages user OTP registration centrally  through cloud captive portal

  • Authenticates users centrally via cloud RADIUS for remote HSG gateways, for both portal and WPA-EAP logins (using valid certs)

  • Supports both bandwidth and time-based control for each registered user


  • mPowers Wi-Fi access for thousands of tenants

  • Centrally authenticate user access using SMS or Email OTP for security and traceability

  • Time-based control for registered user account (valid for the day)

  • Provides captive portal login and WPA-EAP logins (integrate with Aruba AP)


✓ Secure & easy-to-manage free Wi-Fi facility

✓ Offers convenience to tenants and visitors

✓ Maintains as a leading agency for premium industrial workspace.

RansNet Singapore Pte Ltd

114 Lavender Street CT HUB 2, #08-83, Singapore 338729.

+65 6926 9758
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